We perform measurements of noise insulation of building partitions to test compliance with Building Regulations or architects or users requirements.


We predict and measure noise emissions from industrial processes, transportation sources on development sites and environmental impact assessments.

Structural Monitoring

We perform structural monitoring to provide control methods on a wide range of situations.

Dynamic Design

Foundations are designed for any application, for instance, turbine foundations, earthquake simulators, or laboratory shock simulators.


Finite element analyses are used to predict the response of building floors to occupant excitation and bridge decks to pedestrian or vehicular loads.

Air Quality

Oue environmental monitoring services include stack emission monitoring for compliance with EPA, workplace monitoring for hazardous chemicals, and dust monitoring.


Vibration assessments can be carried out during construction, demolition or blasting activities. We give advice on suitable vibration limits for protection of listed or fragile buildings.

Environmental Audit

Environmental Audit assesses an organization's activities and services in a documented, periodic and objective process.

Special Assignments

Civil Engineering Dynamics are consulted to undertake challenging, and sometimes unique, tests and measurements.

Equipment Hire

We offer a wide range of environmental equipment for hire at competitive rates. Reduced rates are available for long term hires.